A downloadable game for Linux

play taiko in 3D with osu! compatible taiko maps. More features increasing difficulty planned.


libsoundio, assimp3, sdl2, opengl 3.2

Play with D/F to hit red and J/K to hit blue.

You need to tap to the rhythm as indicated by the circles coming from the right.

To get maps go to http://bloodcat.com/osu/?q=futsuu&c=b&m=1&s=&g=&l= (the maps can't be bundled because of legal reasons, I didn't have time to make a map with my own song during this jam, over this link you will get lots of different maps, I didn't have time to implement a map selection so it will just pick a random map off the mappool inside the osz package, so if you get an insanely hard one just restart and try again. In the console it should say [Futsuu] or [Kantan] after the song name for it to be easy, normal-hard is Muzukashii and everything else like Oni or other names will be very hard)

In the future I would like to add more features to this game and make it have different modes you have to switch through during gameplay to make it a bit harder and fix and improve the graphics, as well as making the environment more interactive by your playing. Currently the 3D view is basically just a simple video which plays in the background.

If you have audio issues or startup crashes, try launching with --backend pulseaudio or --backend alsa

If you are missing assimp3, just run this with `env LD_LIBRARY_PATH="." ./webfreak-lgj`


dist.tar.gz 41 MB

Install instructions

Dependencies: libsoundio, assimp3, sdl2, opengl 3.2


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Incompatible maps don't give any indication that the game has recognized you've dropped a file. Please add a popup message instead of relying on the user to have been running the game via a terminal to see the messages like: "No suitable map found, try one with a taiko difficulty."

yeah the main menu in general was a last minute thing, it was actually picking random maps from a Songs folder before, which allowed to symlink your osu folder, but that didn't really work with this approach, I didn't want to modify the folder. I think I would definitely redo a bit of loading here

drag and drop is cool. Maybe an optional file manager for the song files on the side that you can drag from, but the simplicity is nice.